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Where you Plug in

So what's next?

Life isn't always good to us. But God is! Yes, this is an awesome truth fitting for any unexpected change or devastation we may experience. Whether it was of your on accord our out of your control, the fact that God is always good, puts those things in the "everything will be alright" perspective. 

The Neighborhood Bible Church is here to navigate you through your own experience with GOD. We are also here to support you and your family the best we can both spiritually and socially.

Students in Cafeteria
New Member Navigation

Joining a new church is tough! It can be overwhelming meeting new people and seeing where you fit in. Sometimes there's so much to take in at one time. Our new member navigation purposes to make this easier. We want you to enjoy yourself while you're with us and most of all we want you to see the change you desire.  You also may have no idea you need anything from us or God but we are here to help you discover that too!

Pastoral Support

 Pastoral-care ministries are just as valuable as the delivery of a sermon. Pastor Gale is committed to prioritize the needs of those who seek out pastoral services. There are number of ways pastoral care is expressed, some include providing biblical counseling, visiting the sick and injured in hospitals, phone calls, lunch meetings, and other social engagements. We've also participate in public school settings and volunteer opportunities.

Girl in Classroom
Faith Based Mental Health Support for Youth

Really all we do is centered on the health of our members and visitors, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you are a part of the church, developing your prayer life, disciplining your meditation on scripture, and fellowshipping with like minded believers, it's very difficult to not address the daily stresses and pressures of life. We also know there are moments in life where group or 1x1 opportunities can really benefit and be an added support to anyone. While some times adults are aware of their needs, its not as clear for youth and so we use this space to minister to them in a unique way that is relevant and meets them where they are. 

Marriage Preparation

Congratulations! Entering marriage is no light thing. We know that God honors marriage and because he does, we do too! From our 10 year experience and anecdotally form the 10+ years of marriage of other couples, we also understand counselling and a strong support system is part of any sustainable marriage. It's at times challenging, revealing but it is also refreshing and reassuring. We can handle your pre and post marital counselling needs and are licensed to officiate ceremonies as well!

We Do
Kid's Treehouse Ministry

Our  Kid's Tree House is available at least once a month during our regular scheduled services. Elementary age children are provided with an snack and enrichment activity that will inspire them love their neighbor, honor their parents, and strive to please the Lord in their own special way.

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