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Green Light Ray

Just come.No Planning.

Worship With Us.

Get here first. No more excuses. God has more for you. Be a part of a community that loves you.

8350 Camby Rd. 46113

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Family First.

Your family Needs a Home.

 It needs the support of a Pastor and chuch memership to thrive spiritually,emotionally and naturally.

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every sunday is baptismal sunday

jesus Did it, we do

The Neighborhood Bible Church is a congregation of the Apostolic faith who's sole purpose is to represent the body of Christ. While our planting is very new, our calling and experience is not!  Our leadership represents 20+ years in the ministry and community service. We are super excited to be planted in the unique and diverse community of Camby, Indiana. Baptism is Free! It's accompanied with the confession that we need cleansing and that we recieve Jesus Christ as our Lord & Savior.


“Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”- Acts 2:38
Our Community Matters.
Family First.

The Leaders and Members of The Neighborhood Bible Church strive to make meaningful connections with families and neighbors of our community. The love and hope we stir up on Sundays is to spread far and wide and to those who are within our reach. We care about the health and sustainability of our community, especially our most marginalized and vulnerable populations. Our ministry is built on the foundation that everyone is our neighbor and we must feed them both spiritually and meet their needs physically and emotionally. We are honored to currently push efforts towards Youth Enrichment, All Pro Dads in 3 Elementary Schools, Go Grocery Food Access Project, and Neighbor Outreach.

Don't Lose your Courage

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