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The Neighborhood Bible Church
Building Strong Families, Strong Community, Strong Churches

who we are

The Neighborhood Bible Church is a congregation of the Apostolic faith who's sole purpose is to represent the body of Christ. While our planting is very new, our calling and experience is not!  Our leadership represents 20+ years in the ministry and community service. We are super excited to be planted in the unique and diverse community of Camby, Indiana. We have been inspired to be a lighthouse and center of the community where everyone is our neighbor. 



Our priority is to navigate individuals through a new experience with God and to find their purpose. We have come face to face with the reality that each of us are in the midst of some type of transition, maybe more than one. Whether it is marriage, divorce, grief, addiction, or a new career, parenting or something else; we  support those transitions and life experiences through a  navigation of healing, spiritual and emotional cleansing, and the renewing of the mind. We achieve this by the teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How we
do it

Our ministry is founded on the love of God and the Word of God and being filled and led by the Holy Ghost.

So, you can expect to be loved and taught the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. Baptism in Jesus' name and the practice of fellowship.

We utilize biblical foundations and principles to deliver quality services and programming to our neighbors.

The way in which we do this is prayerfully and carefully thought out to develop several strategies. These include community bridge events, Sunday and weekly services as well as enrichment programs and clubs.

The sanctuary

Sunday Services @ 11am

Wednesday Bible Study: @7pm

Location: 8350 N Camby Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46113

Something for the whole family!

The Flex

The Flex is uniquely designed to provide flexible programming aligned with our core values of building individuals. See our current programming below:

Prayer & Pizza- 3rd Thursdays

For more info on afterschool programing, co-working & meeting/club space please contact us.

The Kids Tree House

NBC's Tree House periodically provides a safe and enriching setting for toddlers during Sunday Services, Weekly Services and Parent Night outs. 

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Our Community Matters

We at The Neighborhood Bible Church, strive to make meaningful connections with families and neighbors of our community. The love and hope we stir up on Sundays is to spread far and wide and to those who are within our reach. We care about the health and sustainability of our community especially our most marginalized and vulnerable populations. Our ministry is built on the foundation that everyone is our neighbor and it is our duty to feed them both spiritually and meet needs physically and emotionally. We are honored to currently push efforts towards Youth Enrichment, All Pro Dads in School, Food Access Project, The Excel Center Small Group, and Neighbor Outreach.

All Pro Dad at Schools
Youth Enrichment
Food Access & Equity
The Excel Center Small Group
Neighbor Outreach

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