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Family is first.
"But as for me and my house, we will serve the lord."-Joshua 24:15
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Gale J. Watson Sr.

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Lydia CB Watson

We are the proud parents of 6 children. They keep us on our toes! Their ages range from 15 years to 7 months old. The juggle is real-- work, school, sports, church, dinner, you name it! Many ask us how do we do it and we must say, it is only by the grace of God. We depend on God, and his word and are supported by our church community. We believe the only way for families to thrive in this 21st century globalized and social media-charged society, is to stay connected and involved in a local church home! It's as necessary as your physical home.


We understand the importance of in-person fellowship of our local assembly and we want to see our families grow together. Online is cool but nothing beats gathering together in one heart and mind.  As leaders, we take the business and spiritual needs of the church with utmost sincerity and devotion.

We work as a team.

We represent decades of ministry experience, nonprofit management, hospitality, and spiritual care. We commit to rigorous training and development throughout the calendar year to ensure efficacy and continued impact on the overall success of the church.  The Neighborhood Bible Church offers Sunday Worship Experience,  Weekly Practical Living Bible Study, Monthly Teen Night, Spiritual Counseling, and various programming and celebrations throughout the year. 

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