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Passion is what led us here. 

our team:
Screenshot 2022-01-18 212914.png


Gale J. Watson Sr.

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Lydia CB Watson

We understand that while The Neighborhood Bible Church takes residence in a brick & mortar location as well as our virtual sanctuary, we are apart of the greater church which is the body of Jesus Christ, who is the chief of all. We also believe God has given gifts to men and women and have purposed and anointed them to carry out the works of the ministry. Our leaders take the business and spiritual needs of the church with upmost sincerity and devotion.

Our ministry team represents decades of ministry experience, non profit management, hospitality and spiritual care. The staff at The Neighborhood Bible Church undergo rigorous training and development throughout the calendar year to insure efficacy and continued impact for the overall success of the church.  The Neighborhood Bible Church offers Sunday Worship Experience,  Weekly Practical Living Bible Study, Monthly Teen Night, Spiritual Counseling and various programming and celebrations through the year. 

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